Align The Body Align The Body Experience Life Changing Alignment Right From Your Home Wouldn't it be nice to rid yourself from the aches, pains and discomfort your body experiences every day? Has the time come where you've given up on the chiropractors, stretches, and medications that all claim to heal because the actual results have little effect long-term? Enter: The Grid Once the initial alignment has been complete, clients often ask to use Daniel's extraordinary Grid, a radionics device that sends out powerful alignment energies 24/7. The Grid helps people maintain high levels of energy for better results and a deeper connection within themselves. The greater energy we experience, the faster our results will materialize. Why is proper alignment so difficult? After years of improper alignment, our bodies adapt to the structural imbalances. That means we learn and grow accustomed to a dysfunctional body. Daniel's job is to come in, shake up our previous habits, and recreate a healthier alignment through energy. The energy Daniel utilizes can move bones completely, and over time, the much tougher ligaments relearn their positions and adjust as well. Ligaments are significantly more difficult to realign, the main reason an unhealthy postural habit is so hard to break. Daniel breaks the process down into simple steps and uses the world's most powerful energy, an energy within each of us, to get 10x the results as your average chiropractor. The Grid makes these results even stronger, allowing each client to live and progress at their full potential, at all times. Read more about the grid. "I went in with considerable skepticism. Not only had I been duped by chiropractors for years, but also fell victim to medication that only made things worse. To say the least, I was very guarded when hearing about Daniel and what he does. But, 3 months later, I would not have guessed my entire life would have changed, not even close. Every chiropractor I had ever been to helped a little, but the effect wore off almost as quickly is it began. Not today, because Daniels methods helped change the way I walk, the energy I feel throughout the day, and my attitude towards life in general. Amazing what a pain-free body and clear mind can do for a person. Thank you so much Daniel, you have been a Godsend, and my family cannot praise you enough." Read More Testimonials On The Grid to receive the energy of alignment 24/7 Daniel Metraux can Align The Body to Replace Chiropractic Treatment Home    |    Quantum Touch Practitioner    |    Align The Body to Replace Chiropractic Treatments Testimonials   |    Pay For Sessions   |    Contact Us © 2013 - 2015 Giniel, Inc., California Daniel Metraux  is a Master Healer and Psychic Surgeon with a private practice in Los Angeles. A gifted healer, he has studied "Quantum Touch," "Circles of Life," the "MariEl" healing method, "Yuen Energetics", "Access," psychic surgery, and is a certified Quantum Touch practitioner that uses that modality to work with your structural alignments. The alignments that Daniel does over Skye addresses more parts of the body than a chiropractor normally would and can at times replace chiropractic treatments all together. Monica’s Website Design Healing Your Entire Body With Energy By working with your entire body, aside from the spine itself, much greater results can be achieved. This includes your skull, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ribs, sternum, hips, knees, and ankles. Ultimately, your entire body will be in sync, fully connected, and healing. Instead of a chiropractors approach to restructuring your spine, Daniel understands the power of every ligament, bone and muscle working together in unison. Align The Body has amazed clients for years, giving a euphoric jolt of revitalization throughout their entire body at once. The deep energetic connection to the mind increases results even more, for tremendous power lies dormant within each of us for ultimate healing; we just haven't realized it yet. That is another reason this method works 10x better than modern day approaches, techniques that only offer momentary relief to a lifelong issue. Daniel opened his practice to change lives; it's as simple as that. Once he realized what others were missing, he knew what needed to be done. Not only is he extremely passionate, but he's been healing for over 35 years. When you're ready for results, and you would try just about anything to get them, look no further. A healthy, life-long solution is right here, and it's affordable. Let Daniel show you what's been missing and heal your body for good. Before and After This example illustrates postural lines Daniel looks at during alignment. After years of research and hands-on experience, Daniel can spot areas of concern immediately, and knows exactly what kind of approach should be taken for each individual. Even better, it's all from the privacy of your home. Take a look at the illustration for a greater understanding. Align The Body to Replace Chiropractic Treatment Align The Body to Replace Chiropractic Treatment TMJ shoulder elbow wrist femur head knee ankle hips
Not getting the results you want from your present therapies? You are not alone! Everyday, hundreds of people just like you are trying new techniques to improve their bodies and live a healthier and more comfortable life. That's where Align The Body comes in. A specialized approach to our mind and body connection, this age-old approach focuses on bone alignment, strengthening muscles and joints, and feeling more spiritually connected for enhanced results. Founded by Daniel Metraux, a certified and veteran energy practitioner who has been helping heal people for decades, the Align The Body Approach is simply one of a kind. No other technique utilizes our mental capacity to heal ourselves, connecting with our energy from within to alleviate the pains and discomforts we've grown accustomed to. This technique is so powerful that results will be experienced in your VERY FIRST SESSION. And guess what, you don't have to leave the house. Daniel utilizes a Skype video connection to asses and guide each individual session, just as he would if you came to his office. Years of experience have given Daniel a tremendous edge over competitors, allowing him to get 10x the results of traditional methods in half the time.